Photo of Steven G. Stransky

As a partner in the firm’s Business Litigation, Privacy & Cybersecurity, and Government Contracts groups, Steve primarily focuses on advising clients on complex national and international privacy and information security issues. He assists clients in devising strategies to assess and mitigate cybersecurity risks and with maintaining compliance with federal, state, and foreign laws and regulations governing data privacy and security. He provides guidance on regulatory compliance and defends clients’ interests in litigation and government enforcement actions in the areas of data privacy and cybersecurity. In addition, Steve assists defense contractors and other private-sector businesses in satisfying cybersecurity standards issued by the federal government and in developing and maintaining insider threat programs.

Retirement plans may have thousands of participants and billions of dollars in plan assets. Unfortunately, these large sums of money are attractive to bad actors who look to prey on unknowing victims by fraudulently accessing funds. Plan administrators, as fiduciaries of retirement plans, are wise to understand their legal obligations and best practices related to